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Millie from Kentucky

Millie From Kentucky - home page

Goggles from Millie's May 2012 Litter

Goggles -home page

At Mill Creek Setters, located in eastern Kansas, we raise beautiful Llewellin Setters with a predominately Dashing Bondhu bloodline.  Llewellin Setter is a very specific, pure strain of English Setter bred for hunting.  We do not breed for field trials or show.  Occasionally we will produce a litter of English Setters.

Our family atmosphere produces two litters of Llewellin or Engish Setters per year.  We raise well socialized, healthy pups with gentle dispositions and strong hunting instincts.  Our dogs are natural hunters with a strong prey drive and desire to please.

Llewellin Setters are recognized as an excellent choice for foot hunting in addition to making wonderful family companions. They have good manners, treating both family members and new faces with respect and kindness. English (Llewellin) Setters want to be involved with their families, are extremely athletic outside but they have a gentle and playful way with children.

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